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Higher Achievement--Mentor Middle Schoolers to Achieve Lifelong Success

We’re closing the opportunity gap during the critical middle school years. By leveraging the power of communities, Higher Achievement provides a rigorous year-round learning environment, caring role models, and a culture of high expectations, resulting in college-bound scholars with the character, confidence, and skills to succeed.

Volunteer Opportunities

Ward 1: Marie Reed Elementary School
Ward 4: Brightwood Education Campus
Ward 6: Eliot-Hine Middle School
Ward 7: Kelly Miller Middle School
Ward 8: Achievement Preparatory Academy; Brookland Middle School; Kramer Middle School
Alexandria: Francis C. Hammond Middle School

What: Must be 18 or older, Mentors teach a small group of 5th-8thgraders in a core academic subject matter: math, literature, or an elective seminar.

When: 6:00-8:00pm one night per week from late September to mid-May.

Study Hall Aides:
What: High School Students or older, Study Hall Aides work with a group of 5th-8thgraders to complete homework after school

When: 3:30-6pm one night per week from late September to mid-May.

Contact:  Chris Perkins / 202.544.3633 /