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Common Threads--Teach Children to Cook Healthy Food

Common Threads brings health and wellness to children, families and communities through cooking and nutrition education. By integrating preventative health programs into school districts and community organizations, we will not only help combat the rising number of diet-related diseases, but also cultivate a culture that embraces a healthier lifestyle and celebrates diversity through food.

Volunteer Opportunities
We have a need for volunteers to help us execute a number of our cooking and nutrition education programs throughout the DMV. Current volunteer opportunities:

1.    Teach Nutrition Education to Kids via our Small Bites Program!

Our Small Bites nutrition education program is an in-or after-school program that teaches PK-8th grade students about healthy eating and healthy cooking through a series of eight lessons combining nutrition and knife-free cooking. These lessons give students the opportunity to connect math, language arts and science concepts to hands-on experiences that provide tools to live longer, healthier lives. Graduates of this class will be able to make their own healthy snacks at home. We are in need of volunteers who are willing and able to teach these lessons to kids during the school day! To be a Small Bites educator, you will need a passion for nutrition & healthy eating and a desire to teach children...and that's it! Common Threads will provide you with the lesson plans, the training, a stipend for the grocery purchases, and ongoing support. 

2.    Help a Group of Kids Cook via our Cooking Class Programs!

Our Cooking Skills & World Cuisine program is for 3rd-8th graders to explore the culture and cuisine of nine countries. In the kitchen, our chefs teach them how to follow a recipe, prepare and cook healthy ingredients and properly clean the kitchen. The young chefs learn to use a variety of cooking equipment and how to safely and effectively use each tool, including chef’s knives, graters, peelers, stoves and ovens. Graduates of this program are able to cook a balanced healthy meal. 

We are in need of volunteers who are interested in helping our Chef Instructors to facilitate this class by leading a cooking group of students. To be a cooking class volunteer, you will need a passion for teaching children how to cook and eat a healthy meal...and that's it! No culinary background required! Common Threads will provide you with the training and support you will need to be an effective volunteer! 

Contact: Patrick McDermott, DC Program Manager / 
570.688.7698 /