For over 27 years, Capitol Hill residents and businesses have joined together to build our community foundation.

‘Philanthropy’ is often understood to be large gifts by wealthy donors. In our neighborhood, philanthropy is redefined as many more modest contributions of time and money. All these donations from neighbors add up.

Funded entirely by annual donations from members and friends of the community, the Foundation proudly directs every dollar contributed to grants. All administrative costs are covered by the members of the Board of Directors.

board of directors

Nicky Cymrot, President
Stephanie Deutsch, Vice President

Mark Weinheimer, Secretary
Steve Daniels, Treasurer

Richard B. ("Randy")   Anderson
Gary Abrecht
Melissa Ashabranner
Vicki Butler
Todd Cymrot
Don Denton
Andy Didden
John Franzen
Martha Huizenga

Brad Johnson, Ex Officio
Nancy Lazear
Elizabeth Lewis
James Loots
Caroline Marshall
Peter May
Floyd Mills
Brian Pate
Gary Peterson
Melanie Pittard
Martha Pope
Jeff Pulford

Claudia Holwill Rauch, Ex Officio
Kellie Robertson
Bob Scher
Dee Seward
Seth Shapiro
Buck Waller
Monica Warren Jones
Wayne Warren
Barbara Wells
Phyllis Jane Young

[The Foundation] provides our community with communication, leadership, and funds that make our community stronger and more just. If we didn’t have it, it would need to be created.
— Bill Phillips, (1944-2016), Member, Board of Directors, 2007-2016